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2 Million B.C. Bitcoin online slot

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    Dear 2 Million B.C. slot machine,

    You might think that I’m here to curse you for taking all my money, but I’m not going to do that. Instead, I want to applaud you for being a master of your game. You have taken my hard-earned cash without even breaking a sweat. I’m impressed!

    I must admit, I thought I had you figured out. I was sure that I was going to walk out of the casino a winner. But you proved me wrong, and I can’t help but respect you for that. You showed me that I am not invincible.

    So, thank you, 2 Million B.C. slot machine. Thank you for teaching me a valuable lesson. Losing all my money was a small price to pay for the education you gave me. Next time, I’ll be ready for you, and I will come back stronger than ever.


    The lonely gambler you outsmarted.

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